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N50 Note

130mm x 78mm

Date Released
28th February, 2007

The N50 note was introduced in 1991 and redesigned in 2007. Ornamental patterns, geometric motifs adapted from Nigerian traditional art form were intricately combined and colors were chosen to ensure beauty, distinctiveness and clear identification.

The back side image depicts a big catch by local fishermen.

Past Issues of this note

With drawn in 2007

The main feature on the front are the hand engraved portraits of four Nigerians, three men and a woman, superimposed on the Nigerian map.

The main feature on the back is a hand engraved vignette that depicts farming in its two aspects of cultivating and harvesting. The right top corner value is on two cowries shells. Cowrie shells were once a medium of exchange in the country.

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Facts : 1/1/1995
National Clearing System Re-Visited:In January 1995, a revised clearing rule became operational to facilitate effective clearing of financial instruments and shorten the period of clearing. Consequently, inter-state cheque clearing time was reduced from 21 days to 15 days, while intra-state clearing has been reduced from 12 days to 9 days.
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