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Macro Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators Value As at:
Money Supply (M3) N40,879,528.8million Aug, 2021
Credit to Other Sectors N33,359,191.7million Aug, 2021
Year-on-Year All Item Inflation Rate 16.63 Sep, 2021
Average Inter-bank Call Rate 8.00
Monetary Policy Rate 11.5   10/22/2021
Treasury Bill Rate 91-Day Tenor 2.5
3-Month Tenor Deposit Rate of Banks 4.8
Aug, 2021
Monthly Average Prime Lending Rate 11.62
Aug, 2021
Spot Price of Nigeria's Reference Crude Oil US$85.4 10/22/2021

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Facts : 3/1/1970
ORGANISATION AND GROWTH:In March, 1970, the Board of Directors employed the services of W.H. Rozell (Junior), a consultant, to, among other things, review the existing structure and size of the Bank Departments. In the same year, Rozell proposed a new organisational structure for the CBN.
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