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What is a Complaint?


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, concern, or displeasure about a situation, service or product. Complaints can range from informal verbal remarks to formal written statements. The goal of a complaint is typically to bring attention to a problem for prompt corrective action or improvement.


What is the mandate of the PCO

The PCO, serves as a last resort in the treatment of complaints from staff and pensioners in the Bank, as well as from the public against the Bank. It is charged with the responsibility of processing complaints, which oftentimes involves liaising with the affected SBUs in conducting thorough investigations into the complaints, geared towards ensuring effective and efficient resolution.


How are complaints handled by the PCO?


When complaints are received by the PCO, they are registered, analysed and forwarded to the concerned Business Unit(s) for investigation/input/advice and or resolution before feedback to the complainant.


Who can bring complaints to the PCO?

Those who have a right to bring complaints to the PCO are the Bank’s Pensioners, the Public (against the Bank) and CBN Staff, when they have exhausted all other means of resolving complaints in the Bank, to no avail.


How long will it take for my complaint to be resolved?

Complaints are resolved expeditiously. However, due to the nature of some complaints, more time might be needed, especially where investigations must be carried out. Nevertheless, the staff of the office strive to ensure a timely resolution as much as possible.


What do I do if the PCO does not resolve my complaint to my satisfaction?

You are free to explore other complaint resolution avenues, e.g, the Multi-door Courthouse, Public Complaints Commission e.t.c


How can one present a complaint?

Complaints can either be in written or oral form.

  1. Oral form: by coming to the Public Complaints office in the Corporate Secretariat
  2. Written form: A written letter/memo addressed to the Secretary to the Board / Director


How do you receive complaints from a deaf/ dumb complainant?

The PCO will provide a sign language interpreter in the case of a deaf/dumb complainant.


Do I get updates from PCO with regard to the status of my complaint?

Yes. Updates and status reports are given to the complainants during and after the processing of complaints.


Does the PCO liaise with other Departments in handling/treating complaints?

Yes. The PCO liaises with all relevant stakeholders in handling complaints.


Can a Complainant be assured of confidentiality?

Yes, a Complainant is assured of utmost confidentiality whenever his/her complaint is being handled because unauthorized third parties are not allowed to have access to the complaint.


Is there transparency in treating complaints?

Yes, there is transparency in treating complaints. The office shall ensure that all complaints are treated objectively and professionally.


Where can I locate the Public Complaints Office?

The PCO is located in the Corporate Secretariat, 10th Floor, Wing C, Central Bank of Nigeria
Head Office, Abuja.

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