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N20 Note

130mm x 72mm

Date Released
28th February, 2007

The N20 note was first introduced in 1977 and re-issued in 1984 in a new colour. The N20 note is the first note to have the portrait of a national hero in the person of the late Head of State - General Murtala Mohammed (1938-1976). The back has the portrait of Ladi Kwali, a famous potter.

On February 28 2007, the N20 Naira note was redesigned and issued in polymer substrate.

Past Issues of this note

Withdrawn in February, 2005
Withdrawn in 1984

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Paris Club of Creditors:The club represents only government guaranteed creditors. Members include the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada, who guarantee the export activities of their nationals. When the recipient nation s government is unable to pay the equivalent of the imports domestic currency cover, it becomes government debt owed to creditor nations. The first Paris Club meeting was held in 1956.
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