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Currency Issue System

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Naira notes and coins are printed / minted by the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) Plc and sometimes, other overseas companies, and issued by the CBN. The CBN maintains an office called the Mint Inspectorate in the Abuja and Lagos premises of the NSPM Plc for quality control and receipt of finished Naira banknotes and coins.

Currency is issued to Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) through the branches of the CBN and unfit notes retrieved through the same channel. Currency deposited in the CBN by the DMBs are processed and sorted into fit and unfit notes in line with the Clean Notes Policy. The fit banknotes are re-issued, while the unfit ones are disposed.

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Currency in Circulation (₦ m)

N 3,965,101 - in 5/31/2024
N 3,922,947 - in 4/30/2024
N 3,869,330 - in 3/28/2024
N 3,693,573 - in 2/29/2024
N 3,650,500 - in 1/31/2024
N 3,653,259 - in 12/30/2023
N 3,347,716 - in 11/30/2023
N 2,997,756 - in 10/31/2023
N 2,761,291 - in 9/30/2023
N 2,660,138 - in 8/31/2023
N 2,595,761 - in 7/31/2023
N 2,603,266 - in 6/30/2023

The above figures the last 12 captured months figures and are in millions of Naira.

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