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Advance Fees Fraud (419)

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The CBN Email Disclaimer

Since several members of the public receive 419 related e-mail everyday in their mail boxes, we recommend that you delete it and not respond to it. Though these e-mails are fraudulent, several gullible people respond to them with a hope to finally make a fortune. Some people go as far as to play along with the scammers with a view that they will eventually obtain enough details to apprehend these scammers. The CBN has compiled a list of frequent scenarios and what you should do in each situation, as follows.

Frequent Scenarios

Note however that scammers frequently impersonate members of the Board who are professional bankers and outstanding members of the Nigerian society.

  • Do you want to ascertain the genuineness of someone
    who may have contacted or met with you?
    The CBN will not give out personal information (like phone numbers, official email addresses, fax lines & pagers,) on any of our staff for any reason. If you suspect the authenticity of any one who claims to be acting on behalf of the CBN, you are advised to study this disclaimer. Advance Fee Fraudsters prey on gullible respondents to perpetrate their heinous crimes.

    All executive and non-executive board members (Including retired members) are listed at www.cenbank.org/AboutCBN/Thelist.asp. Their photos are also displayed.

    Note however that scammers frequently impersonate members of the Board who are professional bankers and outstanding members of the Nigerian society.

  • The CBN does not use any free host internet or email service provider.
    If you have received any email from an address that DOES NOT end with "@cenbank.org" or "@cbn.gov.ng"; if you are referred to website that is not www.centralbankofnigeria.gov.ng, www.cbn.gov.ng, www.cenbank.gov.ng or www.cenbank.org (this website); it is not a bona fide Central Bank of Nigeria ‘means’ of communication. CBN staff do not use Hotmail or Yahoo Accounts or any other free e-mail service provider for official purposes.

  • Do you want to inform us of a fraudulent e-mail you received?
    While we thank you for the gesture, the CBN is a financial regulatory institution. It does not investigate or prosecute offending scammers. Its sole responsibility is stated on our mandate page. However, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (E.F.C.C.) can be reached at its website www.efccnigeria.org; e-mail:-
    scam @ efccnigeria.org & info @ efccnigeria.org or the Nigerian Police Force with website at www.nigeriapolice.org and email webmaster @ nigeriapolice.org are the appropriate authorities mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria, to deal with such issues. You may forward your e-mail to them for prompt action. The CBN is not obliged to respond to any reports or email concerning this. (Please remember to remove the spaces from the emails above Want to know why?)
  • Do you intend to claim an inheritance or lottery?
    The CBN is the apex bank in Nigeria - much like other central banks and reserve banks in other countries. CBN does not maintain accounts for individuals or private companies. If you have received memos, faxes, telephone calls, e-mails, etc in respect of any inheritance claim or lottery win purporting to emanate from the CBN, you must have been contacted by fraudulent scammers. CBN does not keep account of any inheritance or conduct any form of Lottery nor engage in transfers of winnings of any lottery in Nigeria or any other country.

Though the CBN maintains a helpdesk in Legal Services Division, Corporate Secretariat, which can be contacted by mailing info @ cenbank.org, the CBN may not be obliged to respond to any emails.

Head Corporate Affairs

Facts : 1/1/1900
BOFIA:In 1991, the Bank s and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA) formerly BOFI was promulgated to replace the CBN Act of 1958 and the Banking Decree of 1969 (including later amendments). The policy brought the non-bank financial intermediaries under the supervision of Central Bank of Nigeria.
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