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CBN and The Community

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Our Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the CBN engages in a number of community based activities such as;

  1. Capacity Building Programmes
    1. Other Capacity Building Programmes
  2. Sports Development
  3. Other Community Based Programmes
    • Provision of Library Services
    • Data Management and Dissemination
    • Public Enlightenment
    • Keep Beggars Off-the-Streets Initiative
    • Visiting Diaspora Scholars Programme
    • Other Community Development Initiatives
  4. Community Tools


Facts : 1/7/1959
Evolution of Departments:At inception, the organisational structure of the CBN was understandably simple consisting of two departments, namely, the General Manager's and the Secretary's Departments, with the appropriate division of labour as then percieved. The General Manager's Department was responsible for all the Department banking, currency issues, debt management and other operational functions of the bank while the Secretary's Department handled the administrative and staff matters, carried out some research into the economic and financial conditions, and collected and analysed relevant statistics for policy formulation.
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