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About CBN

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Our Core Values

Culture Values Target Behavior
Meritocracy Empowerment
  • Staff are given decision making responsibility, adequate authority, as a result of their competence and allowed to use their initiative and judgment
  • Staff are given the power to reward performance and sanction delinquent behaviour
  • Staff are given an enabling environment and appropriate work tools
  • Individuals are not unduly sanctioned for mistakes but are encouraged to learn and build from experience
  • We are strongly committed to the setting and achievement of our goals and targets
  • There is a clear definition and understanding of the performance management process by everyone
  • Requisite skills acquisition procedures and interventions are put in place
  • Adequate/ suitable work tools and training opportunities are provided for staff
  • Our performance management process is monitored to ensure that it is transparent, timely and consistent
  • We exhibit professional conduct and sound judgment in standards and service. We are objective and focused on issues
  • We strive to achieve and comply with best practice standards
  • Internal and external bench marking are institutionalised in CBN and serve as a continuous measure of excellence
Learning Self
  • Our management and staff have the quest for self development and talent development, coaching and counselling
  • Every CBN person displays a willingness to learn new things and respond to challenges
  • CBN management actively encourages and promotes self development
  • Our management and staff consult each other in teams. We pool resources and expertise to achieve our set goals. We have mutual trust and honest feedback at all levels. We practice open communications and freedom of expression without fear of reprisal. We have respect for each individual, no matter how junior or senior
  • We continuously strive for excellence and improvement by accepting challenges, rotating jobs and searching for knowledge
  • Learning is entrenched as a continuous process and adequately funded
Leadership Vision
  • We have a vivid concept/ mental picture of where CBN wants to be as it relates to the future
  • We are able to make bold decisions in the best interests of the Bank without giving way to fear, pressure or intimidation
  • CBN leaders walk their talk
  • CBN leaders are forthright and selfless
  • CBN leaders display accountability and boldness for actions taken
  • We have high ethical standards, are a responsible employer, and promote the image of the Bank
  • The leadership cadre in CBN are transparent and accountable
  • CBN leaders live and lead by example
Customer Focus Responsiveness
  • We respond efficiently and effectively to our customers, solving their problems and adding value to our interaction with them
  • We are constantly designing new challenging and dynamic ways of providing quality service and products to our customers
  • We anticipate problems, challenges, changes and trends and we act in advance to provide solutions

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Facts : 1/1/1990
Guidlines for Licensed Banks:In 1990, the CBN introduced a set of Prudential guidelines for licensed banks which were complimentary to the capital adequacy requirement and statement of accounting standards. The guidelines spelt out the criteria to be adopted by banks in classifying non-performing loans.
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