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CBN-BOI Industrial Facility (CBIF)

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The Central Bank of Nigeria in January 2018 established the CBN-BOI Industrial Facility to address the financing needs of the industrial sector of the country. The sum of ₦50 billion was approved to the Bank of Industry Limited (BOI) under the scheme.


    The objectives of the Facility include:
  • To improve access to concessionary finance to expand and diversify the industrial sector.
  • .Attract new investments to the industrial sector and encourage reinvestments in value-added projects
  • Shore up industrial sector productivity and create more jobs
  • Support companies to upscale and expand their industrial operations
  • Broaden the scope of financing opportunities available to the industrial sector
Managing Agent - BOI

How to Apply:- All loan requests are to be submitted to the Bank of Industry (BOI) for appraisal and review.


Questions Answers
How can I apply? You apply only through the Bank of Industry (BOI)
What is the interest rate? The facility shall be granted at an “all-in” interest rate of 5% to be reversed to 9% in March 1, 2022
What is the maximum amount one can apply? N2 Billion
Does it support Working Capital? Yes, 1 year with 2 years option to roll over
Is there provision for moratorium? Yes, not more than 2years

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