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Dutch Auction System

Date Total Sold
10/20 Auction No. 79 held with 21 Banks biding for a total of $804,102,803.13 (the lowest bid was $155.70). Total amount sold was $499,939,154.55. Click on date to see the detailed breakdown of the auction. ($499,939)
10/15 Auction No. 78 held with 22 Banks biding for a total of $349,977,055.35 (the lowest bid was $155.75). Total amount sold was $349,977,055.35. Click on date to see the detailed breakdown of the auction. ($349,977)
10/13 Auction No. 77 held with 22 Banks biding for a total of $349,964,600.27 (the lowest bid was $155.65). Total amount sold was $349,964,600.27. Click on date to see the detailed breakdown of the auction. ($349,964)
Note.: the above figures are in thousands of U$D. Retail DAS commenced on October 2, 2013.

Exchange Rates (NGN)
As at October 21, 2014
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Facts : 1/1/1900
Paris Club of Creditors:The club represents only government guaranteed creditors. Members include the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada, who guarantee the export activities of their nationals. When the recipient nation s government is unable to pay the equivalent of the imports domestic currency cover, it becomes government debt owed to creditor nations. The first Paris Club meeting was held in 1956.
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Currency in Circulation

N 1501514 - in 8/31/2014
N 1568195 - in 7/31/2014
N 1497142 - in 6/30/2014
N 1517640 - in 5/31/2014
N 1569640 - in 4/30/2014
N 1574357 - in 3/31/2014
N 1558027 - in 2/28/2014
N 1588476 - in 1/31/2014
N 1776813 - in 12/31/2013
N 1571034 - in 11/30/2013
N 1549536 - in 10/31/2013
N 1474048 - in 9/30/2013


The above figures the last 12 captured months figures and are in millions of Naira.

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Trade & Investment With the USA

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