Temporary Exhibitions

Two temporary exhibitions were commissioned on the 26th of November, 2014 by the Governor, represented by the Deputy Governor, Operations, Alh. Suleman Barau.

Counterfeit Money: Who Pays?

Over the next few minutes in the gallery you will learn about some of the social and financial problems caused by counterfeiting. This exhibition will enable you to appreciate the features of your currency and guide you against being a victim of counterfeiting. We all have a part to play in keeping counterfeit rates down and if we relent on our vigilance, counterfeit would be on the increase. This would mean more victims of the crime, more financial losses and ultimately resulting in a growing lack of confidence in cash. The Naira note is a symbol of national identity, a promissory note issued by the CBN for conducting financial transactions. Let us keep it that way. Enjoy your tour!

Non-Interest Banking in Nigeria

The objectives of this exhibition were to bring to the notice and understanding of the public the following:

  • the concept and principles of Non-Interest Banking and Finance
  • the development of Non-Interest Banking in Nigeria
  • the initiatives of the CBN to promote the growth of Non-Interest Banking in Nigeria; the prospects and challenges