Login for Registration of New Hires



Welcome to the CBN Careers website, you are presently at the new staff registration section. The instructions listed will help you complete the registration process. Please read the instructions below carefully.

  • Please ensure that your access details are kept safe.
  • Log into the new staff registration form with your username and password. You will have to review the “Form for Declaration of Allegiance and Secrecy by Officials and Employees” after you log in. You can decline by clicking the “No, I do not accept” button or accept the conditions by clicking the “Yes, I accept” button and continue.
  • There are various forms to fill.
  • You will be allowed to enter your personal, education and professional details in the proceeding forms. Here after filling each form and submitting you will be allowed to review your information before you continue to the next form in the application.
  • You will be allowed to log out and return to the next stage of the application at any time.
  • Please make scanned versions of your all your certificates and other relevant documents. You will be asked to upload them during the process. The preferred version is PDF but JPG, GIF and PNG are accepted. Ensure your scanned documents are legible.
  • On completion of all the available forms you will be allowed to review all the information you have submitted.
  • You must print out the various pages and ensure that all information you have submitted is correct.

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